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Thread: Installer put in apps folder not showing up in HBC

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    Installer put in apps folder not showing up in HBC

    Hi, I've been referring to these boards for a while and I've finally come across a problem. My boyfriend recently hacked his Wii and he's been having the problem that whatever he puts in his apps folder won't show up in the Homebrew Channel. He had the problem with the WAD manager, but that was resolved by renaming the .dol to boot.dol.

    He's trying to put the IOS236 Installer in the apps folder and it won't show up. He modded from a 4.3u system update if that helps anything.

    Any ideas would be of great help! Thanks!

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    Is he just putting the boot.dol in the apps folder, or is he putting the folder the boot.dol is in? Or did it just come as a boot.dol and that was it?
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    Thanks for taking the time to reply! c:

    He put a folder in the apps folder containing the boot.dol.

    So it's sd:/apps/IOS236
    In that folder it contains the boot.dol, icon.png, and meta.xml

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    Should work, but try pressing 1 to choose sd card or hdd. m See if that helps.

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    Thanks for replying. c: So, does pressing 1 toggle whether to load the boot.dol from a hard drive or an SD card? He doesn't have a hard drive plugged in. He can access other things in his apps folder, it's just the IOS236. We tried to download different versions but we got the same result.

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    Are you sure it's not there? may be one on the list toward the end with an ambiguous sort of icon/description.. It happens sometimes.
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    Hi, thanks for replying. c: I'm sorry, but am I sure what isn't there? I suppose we could try to put something else on his SD card to see if it will show up. I'm just really stumped. I hacked my Wii earlier this year and I've never come across this.

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    The IOS236 installer obviously. Are you sure it's not on another page? Did you scroll over (in HBC) and look for apps without an Icon or description?
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    Yeah, I'm sure. There's Waninkoko's cIOSX rev 20, the wad manager, and something else I can't think of at the moment.


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