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Thread: Help booting CFG USB Loader

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    Help booting CFG USB Loader

    Hi guys , I recently bought a 500gb external harddrive and I'm using it on my wii.

    I followed these steps

    I could boot wii games with my external hard drive fine , no problems with this ,but the problem is, I need to boot it with the SD Card on the Nintendo Wii. Is there any way to boot my games without it? Like just my external hard drive only. I tried to boot only with the HD an I get the error message :

    Error: Couldn't open file.

    I have the channel on my wii menu , and have the cIOS 222 V4 installed on it.

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    Is your HDD formatted to FAT32? If so then yes you can run it from the HDD.

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    sorry but I couldn't find where would I post it.

    So I formatted all my HDD in one FAT32 partition. I created an wbfs folder , where I put the games.
    Is this correct? If not, what is the correct way to do it?

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    Yes, you can copy the Cfg files over to the FAT32 partition and Cfg will load from there instead of your SD card.
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    copy everything to the root folder of the HDD?

    how can I get rid of the MMM ?

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    Yes. You mean stop it from starting all the time? If so then you didn't do the final step of the guide properly...look over it again.
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