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Thread: I forget everything!

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    I forget everything!


    I used to be into the Wii Modding community but I've slipped away for about a year to 6 months and have forgotten everything. Now that I'm home on paternal leave I would like to spend some time with the Wii.

    Right now I'm am using a soft modded Wii version 3.2U as well as using USB Loader GX with an external HD. No problem there. I just downloaded Goldeneye and got it on the drive no problem however when I launch it I just get a black screen. I'm guessing I need to update something however this is where memory fails me.

    What do I need to update and where do I get the update(s)? I have the WAD manager so I think I remember doing it through here.

    Any assistance would be appreciated!


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    You need to update how you acquire your games........ like legally purchasing them. You probably got a bad download.


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