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Thread: 4.3e hack problem - please help !

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    4.3e hack problem - please help !

    I softmodded my wii when I was on 3.2e but stupidly upgraded via wifi to 4.3e
    I still have hombrew but everything I click into does not work

    I was trying to follow the 4.3e soft mod guide and purchased Lego indiana jones but once completed the 1st level and then inserted my sd card with the correct software on but it comes up saying it's not readable..... So I'm stuck ??

    What am I doing wrong ??

    Also would it be a good idea to remove everything and then soft mod ?

    Appeciate your help in advance


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    I suggest you follow the 4.3 Softmod guide in my signature. Any questions you have should be asked in that thread.


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