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Thread: Netflix new channel update removed homebrew, broke USB Loader, and corrupted SD.

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    Netflix new channel update removed homebrew, broke USB Loader, and corrupted SD.

    Hi, I had homebrew running on my Wii as well as USB loader GX, etc. I did all this some time ago and it has been running fine until my wife decided she wanted to update/install the new Netflix channel. When my son went to play the Wii the USB loader screen comes up then when you hit start it generates an Exception occurred error and provides stack dump etc. This is when my wife informed me she loaded the Netflix channel. I then noticed the homebrew channel is gone and when I try to access the SD card I get a system files corrupt error. The version my wii is on is 4.3U. Not sure if that's what it was on before or not. Any ideas how to recover this stuff?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Thanks, I looked at the softmod guide and I am definitely going to do that. Will I be able to see all my games I backed up to the external HDD that I loaded with USB Loader? I believe the guide suggests some other loader. Should I reload the USB loader in this case or the suggested loader will be fine? Thanks again for the guidance!


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