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Thread: I am having problems playing backup games that I have played before.

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    Thumbs up I am having problems playing backup games that I have played before.

    Please can someone help me with this problem. I get a black screen when trying to play backup games that I have played lots of times before. Homebrew Channel version is 1.0.1 and is running off IOS35 v4.16. I have also checked to see if I have preloader installed and I get a screen with "preloader v0.25" at the bottom and a menu with 5 choices::::load system menu, load HBC, load installed DOL, install/load DOL, and settings. Problem is I don't want to click on any of these menu choices for fear of doing more damage to my wii. If someone could tell me what I should be doing I will appreciate any help that is given me so I can get to play my games again.

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    Okay, first of all, follow this guide.

    If it's still not working, we'd love a sysCheck.
    Preloader and your Homebrew Channel are really outdated, so it wouldn't surprise me if your cIOSes are, too.

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    Ok, since I posted, I thought I would try to see if the older games will work, and they do work. The ones that will not work are the ones I use NeoGamma to load. Apparenty my NeoGamma program got screwed up some how. Is there a way I can delete it off my wii and put it back in as I still have it on my SD card. The NeoGamma program I have is:::: NeoGammaR9beta 13. Maybe you know of a better one for me to use. Hope this info helps. I appreciate your help. THANKS!

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    Older games work because you most likely have an old cIOS.
    Newer games probably don't work because you have an old cIOS.

    Your NeoGamma can't get what you called it (watch the language).
    The version you're using is fine. After updating your mods, the newer games should work.

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    Ok, thanks for the tip on language, appreciate that. Sorry for using that word, not a good choice of words by me. The newer games were working before, just as good as the old ones with the wads that I have on the wii now, but now they will not work, does this help you with a solution. With everything the same as before would it be wise to remove and re-install my NeoGamma?


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