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Thread: OneChanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers

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    OneChanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers

    Feb 2009, port of a japanese game, and the 7th of the series

    being a updated game of a original budget series, the wii gets its own copy, of this fun game, just like the Xbox does, the game tells the story after the xbox game, but im not gonna explain the story, in a try to get the game going outside of japan, the US release will have more costumes, and maybe more stages, what exactly it will contain thats new isnt really, known atm =\

    as for the game its self, its a nice and simple game, the only problem is, there isnt a lot of substance to it, you swing your sword by swinging your nunchuck, and your goal is to slash all the zombies till you get to the end of the stage, its a lot of fun despite that, and theres enough to do that makes it a good game, but i strongly wouldnt recommend buying it, you must use both nunchuck and wii mote to play.

    thanks hdebrucxu for the screens

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    omg it's the perfect game!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisChown View Post
    omg it's the perfect game!
    i will say, *i tried to keep it twords child friendly images* its a very fun gave!

    the graphics are good for the wii, and the combos are fun to do and there are several sets of them, along with a berserker mode

    the "main character" wears very little, and you do hack and slash zombies with a lot of nice images, and you can even rip hearts out xD

    it really is a good game, if you want to play the Japan game its "onechanbara revolution"

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    Can't wait to get my hands on this one, Just googled it, have seen some pics and i must say, whauw nice swimwear
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    you know most of us arent gonna buy the game based on gameplay

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    I've been playing the Japanese version, which is definately a ton of fun. There's zombies everywhere! There's zombie blood everywhere! There's babes with big swords! It's AWESOME!

    Sometimes I wish I could read the story and what the items do, but then a tiny-bikini-wearing chick holding two samurai swords busts out a 39 hit combo on a swarm of zombies and I forget what I was thinking about.

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    it wouldnt make sense to you, you would need the other games like i have played to understand it, but over all the story, isnt that great, its all generic crap and a reason for fighting the zombies this time/boss's

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    While this isn't the game that will make me want to learn Japanese, it's a great way to pass the time all the same.

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    its without a doubt a game that will get westernized when it comes over, but i enjoy it, but it also hurts my hand like crazy over time

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    I can deal with carpal-tunnel, no prob. I have health insurance!!

    Maybe it's a good thing that I don't know anything about the series if American localization is going to change a bunch of content.

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