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Thread: semi-bricked?

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    I soft-modded my neighbour's wii (menu 4.1E) following the tutorial here. Everything works great for several month. Yesterday, he brought the wii back to me saying that it is broken. I could start the wii, but the homebrew and other channels are all gone. I tried to reinstall the mod but get stuck at the wad manager 1.4 where i got a message "error -1".

    What should i do? should i use the Nand backup to restore the wii to its original state and the mod it again?

    Many thanks


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    Not a bricked wii, but following my guide below should set you straight. Sounds like he did a format from the wii settings.
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    what should i go. i got stuck at Wad Manager where i need to install IOS60. Sometimes i get a black screen and i had reboot.


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