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Thread: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes

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    Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes

    comes out December 11th 2008 to Japan only!

    this is the latest, in the Vs capcom series, and is much more like the very fun marvel vs capcom games if you remember them, it is gonna be a 2d fighter *thank god* featuring, some of the best known characters from both respective companies, there are a few extra characters added from the Arcade, sadly the only one worth mentioning is viewtiful joe =\ it is a very standard fighter thankfully

    few screen shots
    *thanks akihabaranews, and famitsu for the pics*

    it will support all the controllers!

    on a sad final note this game has a 99.99% chance of never leaving japan, because Capcom Japan, has made a big deal about how bad it will do outside of japan, for the simple fact Tatsunoko has little to nothing known about outside of japan, which is a production company, which did a lot of animes in production with another bigger company on average, the only really known character outside of Japan, would be from Mach Go! Go! Go! Speed, but he doesnt appear in it, and isnt enough to get the sales required to get people to buy it.
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    the second screen looks sooooooo sweeeet

    cant wait to buy this game when it comes out

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    Quote Originally Posted by sahduk View Post
    the second screen looks sooooooo sweeeet

    cant wait to buy this game when it comes out
    yeah i know, i loved Tatsunoko since GATCHAMAN!!! this is the reason i got back into modding :3 got to hope its as amazing as we think it is gonna be xD

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    Have you seen the minigames that are in this game?

    I saw one where you play the characters from onimusha, and slash some kind of monsters...sorry dont have a link for it but it got me excited

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    i read famisu i got like 400 issues in my room xD i showed wiiwouldliketohack my jump comics =x

    there are several minigames, most are boring that one is

    Kaijin no Souki
    The Onimusha character's mini game has you shake the Wiimote to block off incoming flame balls. The game ends when you miss three.

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    i cant wait for this friggin game

    beeen waitin since mvc2 and cap vs snk series ended

    this game better live up to its name

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    well if you didnt play Namco X Capcom it lived up to the cross over series, im sure this game will be amazing

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    I've been a fan of the VS Capcom series since the beginning. The videos I've seen of this game look amazing. It's on my "must have" list.
    I'd say that 2D fighters have a great chance on the Wii, since it's pretty much the system you bust out when you have a bunch of people over.
    I'd love to see more like this in the future, and it's a shame that its a Japan only release. I personally don't care if I don't know who X character is as long as they're a badass in the game.

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    many people would have problems with Joe the hawk, and yattaman etc, so they are just making a logical choice, its like how lupin failed in the states

    they brought the 2nd series
    they only showed a few random episodes
    and put it on at a bad time like 1 am

    its just a bad idea

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    I got to thinking... Now that they're getting into anime, what else is there for Capcom to fight?

    Who would YOU like to see Capcom fight?

    Top 3 reasons I'd like to see Capcom VS Rare:
    3 Jill Valentine VS Joanna Dark
    2 Dante VS Fulgore
    1 any Capcom character VS Conker the Squirrel

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