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Thread: WBFS Manager Game already exists on disk

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    WBFS Manager Game already exists on disk

    Hello all, thanks for reading. Here is the issue.

    I was using a 1TB Western Digital hard drive partitioned into three partitions. FAT, NTFS and WBFS. I decided I wanted to shrink the NTFS and Increase the WBFS sizes so I backed up all the WBFS files onto another HDD. After I reformatted the drive to the sizes I wanted and tried to add the backups back onto the WD drive I get an error that the game already exists on the drive.

    Similar problem: When you copy a file to the other drive using WBFS Manager it will finish, show the check mark next to the game on the source hdd but nothing will show up on the list of the destination hdd.

    What I have tried to fix it:
    1. Reformat the drive again and redo the partitions.-No luck
    2. Use a disk eraser tool to reset all the data on the hdd to all "0" - No luck
    3. I tried using a different WBFS manager tool but the way WBFS Manager made the copy it didnt set the has marks or something correctly for this new tool and it just errors out of the copy process.

    Does any one have any suggestions?


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    OK, this is another example of when the WBFS partition becomes less than worth the trouble. There is a link in my signature for fat32 loading. It is possible to load all games from a single fat32 drive. You can use the same drive for app loading, triforce, and your USB game loading. Check it out, and you can free up the space on your HDD by not having a WBFS partition at all.
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    I opened the backup I made with Wii Backup Manager and it lists all the games that were stored on the drive but says the sizes are 0 and all the text is red and lined through.

    It looks like WBFS Manager is the only program that likes the way it made the copy. Im not sure why. Is this because when I put the games on the HDD with WBFS manager it added just the game partition to save space?

    I used WBFS Manager to extract an ISO from the WBFS partition because its the only program that appears to extract data off the hdd.

    When I go to re-add the iso file to the hard drive to make sure this is going to work I select it and am told that it is an "invalid wii disc"

    Im starting to think that this is a lost cause... It seems the copy of the drive I made was a bad copy or something because I can not seem to get data to copy back off the drive without errors.


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