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Thread: Disc Could Not Be Read

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    Disc Could Not Be Read

    I seem to be getting this error on any game backup I try now. The only recent change that has happened is that I bought Goldeneye007. I have been using NeoGamma (R8, IOS249 Rev 19) to load all my games, including Goldeneye, since it asked me to update when I tried to use the normal launcher. I am on version 4.1U and I followed the 4.3 Softmod Guide a couple months ago. It might be worth noting that I am usually able to get through the menus, like with Guitar Hero, for example. As soon as I try to start gameplay, I get the error "Disc could not be read. Please refer to your Wii operations manual". The only game this doesn't happen on is Goldeneye, original disc launched on NeoGamma.

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    I get the same message after I bought Goldeneye.
    Every time I get to the same lookation on Goldeneye the message pops up.


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