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Thread: Pa UKl Shop Channel Running on NTSC US WII

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    Running Pal Channels on NTSC US WII

    Since deleting my Nintendo shop US account , Installing a newer version and Creating a UK Shop account (using anyregion) . I have lost all my channels (as expected ) .
    Since using the Pal/UK Shop channel , I have since downloaded and installed ; Mii Contest/Check Mii out channel , Internet Channel and the Nintendo Channel.
    Now when I click on any of the channels I get a black sreen and 'This channel cant be loaded"

    Can the Pal channels work with the US console? Is they're something in the anyregion app I can change?

    I prefer using the UK shop channel as it supports BBC Iplayer

    FYI . I did manage to get BBC I player to work , however I had to install it manually using a Wad file , on an SD card

    I have a US NTSC WII running 4.3 f/w , with Wiikey v1 and Homebrew
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    Just install a wad version of the ntsc-u version with wad manager.
    Channel Wads:We Hack Wii / Channels
    WAD Manager 1.7:

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    Or you could instal priiloader and use the system hack that lets you use any region channels


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