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    i am using hbc beta 9 on firmware 3.3u could anyone give me a link on how to install wads please....i have wad manager 1.3 but for some reason i must be doing something wrong because my hbc does not recognise it.
    thanks in advance

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    Here are the WADs:

    What do you mean it doesn't recognize it?

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    the .dol file must be boot.dol

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    what i mean is that when i load hbc i does not see the wad manager program.....but the wad manager file i have only has boot.dol not a icon or meta file....could that be the problem, does it need those files too?

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    that isnt needed

    is it in the app folder? if its not it wont work

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    yeah i put the file in a folder called wad manager in the apps folder, i have a folder called wad in the root dir, when i start the hbc the only option i have is for gecko and ocarina which are the only other 2 apps i have installed...i know i must be missing something simple but just cannot work out what it is....thanks for your help

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    It must not be in boot.dol format. Can you take a screenshot?

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    thanks for your help chris here are 3 three areas of my sd card so maybe u can see what i am missing they r the root the apps dir and the wad mgr dir
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    Yeah, on the 3rd picture, change WAD-Manager_v1.3.dol to boot.dol

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    maybe if you paid some attention to people who helped you would know
    Wiihacks - Nintendo Wii Hacks Community - View Single Post - Wads -.- which was post 3 in this thread which had the anwser

    the WAD_MANAGER_1.3 or whatever.dol needs to be boot.dol, READ EVERY REPLY OR DONT EXPECT HELP

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