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Thread: wasabi dx help

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    wasabi dx help

    Help... it's driving me nuts:

    Wii v3.4e
    Wasabi DX with 3.0 firmware
    Using verbatim dvd-r
    imgbrn software, burning @ 4x speed play from time to time! but mostly they don't (all discs are recognised on the Wii menu, select game and the game loads, giving title page... but then when try to play stops working - I either get the message about system error or disc cannot be read... what am I doing wrong?

    I rarely use my Wii because spend 90% trying to get games to work. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Since this is Wasabi-related, moved to --- you guessed it --- the Wasabi section of the site.

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    upgraded wii to 4.2e, reinstalled Wasabi DX 3.0 upgrade, enabled direct boot in config menu... working fine... even New Super Mario (with BCA fix) and other brand new releases


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