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Thread: wii-clip v4c-9 w/ d2pro9 pre-soldered

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    wii-clip v4c-9 w/ d2pro9 pre-soldered

    hey guys...

    wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the d2pro9 forum... so here it is.

    i am new to the wii (purchased 9 days ago). i ordered a wii-clip v4c-9 w/ d2pro9 pre-soldered. when i compared what i received with that on the wii-clip site things didn't match up. does my chip/clip appear to be soldered correctly?

    (ntsc - wii 3.3u - d2e chip)

    here is what i was comparing it to at the wii-clip site...

    the chips red/blue lights do bounce on/off as noted in all the videos posted on youtube... is that enough to say the chip/clip is working 100%?

    i am encountering issues with playing backups, but i will post that in the Dumping & Burning Wii Discs forum. unless that information is valid here to discuss if in fact the chip is working.


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    installed 9 wire off the site, im not sure if it will work but i am gonna say the one in the pic only have 9 spots, so im sure its right but that is what the one off the wii clip site shows

    blinking lights is enough, and depends which games if its something like One Piece unlimited adventure post it, if its something like Wii Music or animal crossing google around
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    admiral, thanks again for responding to one of my posts.

    now the picture you posted is definatly closer to what i have. could the fact that mine is not completly soldered as your pic be a cause of the issues im having? i have asked the seller a couple of times to help with this but have received no help.

    also, i should not need to solder anything on my wii correct? just snap on the pre-soldered clip/chip and that's it?

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    yup just clip it

    as for the pic its the same as yours just down lower, i doubt since they sent you 9 soldered points, and its a 9 wire chip that it wont work, pm Spyman and he can give you additional info/better support

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    since they sent you 9 soldered points
    so the 9 in d2pro9 refers to the 9 spots of solder on my clip/chip? i never realized that were in fact 9 solder spots on there if you include the 2 smaller ones (gnd and 3u3). it's just that when i saw the empty spots without solder on them (especially the ones marked 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) i got worried.

    i just responded to dubois in another thread that his suggestion of increasing my burn speed from 2.4 to 4 worked for 1 disc so far. we'll see if i can get another done that way.

    this place rocks!

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    yeah the 9 stands for 9 spots, you never think of the simple things

    as for discs, a lot of odd things with a lot of discs, require the most unusual stuff to work, since i dont use verbatim i wouldnt know, but ive heard people only getting them to work at x16 =\


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