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Thread: Wii Fit backup iso not working on 4.2u

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    Cool Wii Fit backup iso not working on 4.2u

    Please help, I can not get Wii Fit backup ISO working on my Wii via WiiFlow on system 4.2u. I saw this list: which says i need ios33 but is it ONLY working on 3.2? Because its not working for me and I have IOS33 v65535.

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    The Community and Family Forum is not a problem-solving area of the site. I have moved your post to a more appropriate location. Good luck with your problem.

    Please note our site rules on piracy-I am presuming you are having problems making the backup copy working. Sometimes the installation from the original disc experiences a hiccup. Try cleaning the game disc, uninstalling from your HDD, and then trying to install from the disc again.
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