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Thread: Busted sd slot.

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    Busted sd slot.

    I inserted an sd card which got stuck into my wii, then jammed. I had to use tweasers to take it out. After that I reinserted the sd card I was using before and it wouldnt be recognised in my wii.

    How the hell do I repair it? I opened up my wii to take a further look at the problem and it looks fine. The pins are all in the right place I think.

    Is there a guide or something for my problem? Or some were safe and trustworthy I can send my wii off too? MY warranty has expired, and I do have a softmodded wii.

    I also forgot to mention that everytime I insert the sd card I get the message device cannot be used at the data transfer section.
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    Im thinking of sending it to nintendo. But im not sure if that would be a good idea. Also how much would they charge to repair? Iv already opened up my wii, and I lost a few screws and my warranty has expired.

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    Don't know how this has to do with gameplay issues for specific backups that use a modchip. Maybe posting in the correct area will serve you better.
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    Thanks could a mod please put this in the right forum please?

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