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Thread: 4.2 softmod error 002

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    4.2 softmod error 002

    hi hope some one can help have a 4,2e softmoded wii with hbc and unable to play wii party as i get the error 002 i play my back ups using the disc Chanel Can some one point me in the direction of a fix for this thanks in advance

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    What guide did you use to softmod? 002 error is an old error and fixed in neogamma rev8+. Since you're using the disc channel it sounds like you're using cioscorp or darkcorps. Horrible programs.

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    yer i am using them programs not sure what guied i used it was a long time a go is ther a fix for this problem

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    Quick fix would be to get neogamma and load from that. I would also recommend uninstalling cioscorps

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    thanks for your help


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