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    hi all. this might be the wrong forum to be posting this, but i want to make sure i don't brick this wii. i recently got a wii off ebay for 29 bucks. all i had to do was wrestle case apart to remove some plastic coins from dvd drive. it works great. my question is, im going to mod it. but which softmod guide should i follow? and is there a way to know if this unit is boot2 capable? ( serial# LU39279684). sys version is 4.1U. i do have all my games on usb hd and wii ware as well. suggestions would be highly appericated assisting me in modding this one. as i used a you tube video for my other bricked wii in the past. no i know better and come to this site. thank you all in advance for guidance in my mod

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    29 Posts and having been a member for 8 months should be enough to know not to post in the bricked section if you're not bricked. NEWBIE SECTION. Run Hackmii installer to see if you can install as boot2. Search.


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