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    Question wii online

    After i use the 4.3 guide and change updates and diskupdates off in mmm can i go online and use the homebrew app finder and updaters hamebrew usb loader ect..

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    With all due respect, these programs would not exist if you could not go online with the wii. Short answer, yes. This also should have probably been asked in maui's 4.3 thread, but I was feeling nice (read: trying to get post count up).
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    Arrow Wii Online feature with softmodded wii

    Searched for online and found this thread...

    I have a few questions, that I can't seem to figure out:

    - Just wondering if it's possible to PLAY online with a softmodded wii?
    - If it's possible, do I have to update to 4.3?
    - Also If it's possible, can I use wiiflow, like I'm dooing now?
    - The reason I am asking this, is bacause in the softmod 4.3 guide, it says that i should downgrade to 4.1.
    - Is there any particular reason for downgrading to 4.1?
    -Also if the wii is on 4.1 virgin, how do I update it to 4.3, I have understood that I'm not supposed to upgrade via official channels (wii online). So how do I do this?

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    1. Yes (this is asked at least every two days if not more often). Just don't cheat and you'll be fine.
    2. No
    3. Yes
    4. No, it says you can --- not that you should.
    5. Hardmod users that are also softmodded; they're locked out of out of region playing on their modchips @4.2 or above; 4.1 is fine for those folks.
    6. You need to remain on 4.1; there's absolutely ZERO user benefits to any update beyond that.

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    Thank you for those extremely informative and concrete answers.
    Sorry for asking qustions that been asked before, but I couldn't find concrete answers to it.
    This was so clearifing!

    Thanks again, keep up the good work, softmodded wi is really so great, with emulators and all


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