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Thread: Soft mod/Hard mod wii questions.

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    Soft mod/Hard mod wii questions.

    I know its possible to run soft mod stuff on a hard mod wii but i have a few questions. Will they run side by side without any issues and also, will i still be ok to update the wii firmware as normal seeing as its hard modded?

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    No you cant update when you softmod unless you want to keep softmoding every time you update.Best firmware to be on is 4.1=you get region free for your mod chip and you get sdhc compatability anything above that is to kill hombrew

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    Thanks for the help, better look to see if i can downgrade my FW i guess.

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    Yeah, there is absolutely no need to update beyond 4.1 and it will take away from your hardmod and softmod in certain situations. 4.1 is the best system menu to have (for hardmod and softmod).

    Also, having both a hardmod AND softmod is a very good thing (especially if you have a drive that can read/run burned discs).

    Follow This will have every possible prick protection and everything needed to recover from a brick (If it happens).

    Thanks for the help, better look to see if i can downgrade my FW i guess.
    You can....follow the guide I linked above.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Thanks for the help!


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