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Thread: Just ordered....

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    Just ordered....

    I just ordered this chip (100% solderless) from canadamods I am wondering if there is a guide/video specific to installing the D2Sun? I found plenty on disassembling the wii, but not installing this chip. Thanks in advance.

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    you put it on the drive chip, IE you put it on the Boxie looking thingy that it would fit in, like a puzzle

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    canadamods has "how to" videos, just follow the D2PRO9 video seeing how he also shows how to route the external cables via the USB port

    I followed it to install my D2Sun chip yesterday and all went smoothly

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    you put the hole on the chip.... why does it need a video

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    Great! Looks easy enough. I sure hope Canadamods ships fast, I have not heard from them yet, I thought they already had their thanksgiving.

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    he has the flu

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    Is it a one-man show? They charged my card when I placed the order, so I expect shipping shortly after that.

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    Don't worry mate..they ship fast! Plus they will work with you if you have any issues when you get your order. Just be patient....especially if you are in States...may take a extra day. It wil come...

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    Still nothing from Does anyone on this forum work for them? They do not answer the phone either.

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    Did you check your order status on the site?

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