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    What the.....

    My wii turned to a black screen and reads:el=detailpage&w=540&nsivbbl=308226&nsivbl=2% 2E169&cfps=10%2E148849797023004&screenw=1366&smoot hing=1&hl=en%5FUS&screenh=768&feature=player%5Femb edded&plid=AASUWUPZZdtKMpj3&sdetail=f%253Aplayer%5 Fembedded%252Cp%253A%252Fyt%252Fswf%252Fcps%2D&vw= 720&h=360&cr=US&md=1&playerw=640&vid=HVi1%2DvIbWI% 5FTfu6qcToCZiyvSzdiaUwZC&csipt=watch&playerh=390&v q=auto&vh=480&sd=B4A7D0C47HH1289011019727349&pd=0& sourceid=y&debug%5FvideoId=Q5qlN%5Fd8LCo&scoville= 1&fs=0&nsidf=39&referrer=http%253A%252F%252Fs%2Eyt img%2Ecom%252Fyt%252Fswf%252Fcps%2DvfltOO9yS%2Eswf &nsipbps=114899%2E88605715483&debug%5FsourceData=B 4A7D0C47HH1289011019727349&fmt=34&debug%5Fplayback Quality=medium&debug%5Fdate=Fri%20Nov%205%2022%3A3 7%3A11%20GMT%2D0400%202010&debug%5FflashVersion=WI N%2010%2C1%2C85%2C3&nsiabbl=23974&nsiabl=1%2E974

    What does this mean?????

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    Em, that is wierd, and i'm pretty sure your screwed till something comes up XD
    Is this on boot up? Game Boot?

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    When i start up the wii.

    so yea,boot up

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    and i just noticed it sais:202010&debug%5FflashVersion

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    already tried again ?
    fully shutdown to red light/hold down power.
    unplug everything.
    bootmii at boot2 installed, what about priiloader?

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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    I just did preloader.

    It started Zelda TP.

    and now acts like nothing happend. Weird????


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