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Thread: Couple of questions about the XBOX 360

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    Couple of questions about the XBOX 360

    Hi, I tried goggling this stuff but I didn't find info that seemed both updated and trustworthy.
    Im thinking about acquiring a 360. They are becoming quite cheap where a I live (relatively that is). But before making that decision I would like to know if there are any way to softmod current consoles? Can I install and play games in an external HD like I do on the Wii? If not, is it possible to replace the consoles internal hd for a bigger one at home?
    Thanks for any help.

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    the new "S" consoles are so far aren't moddable... ive heard the FW on the new drive is being worked on to make it play backups... and on all the older consoles there are dvd drive cfw only allowing disk backups...

    the only "softmod" available is the jtag hack which requires an old console with firmware below 3.8 (i think) and soldering skills... consoles below 3.8 are getting rare but im sure if you look hard enough you'll find something in your area if you look hard enough... red ringed boxes can be fixed and often have old enough fw...

    the jtag does the same sorta stuff as a hacked wii and is defiantly worth it...

    hope this helped as i am far from an expert...
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    your dash has to be 2.0.7xxx or less and keep in mind jtag= never connect to live, i wish i could jtag my system would be alot cheaper then having to keep buying dvd+r DL discs

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    3.8 what was i thinking knew it was under 8 somehow. and jtags are definatly worth the money... i loved mine until it e79d and then became straight redringed... ill definatly buy another if it turns out to be unfixable... though the homebrew definatly isnt as abundant as on the wii and also has legailty issues due to using microsofts sdk...


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