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Thread: Can't update IOS with Wad Manager...

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    Can't update IOS with Wad Manager...

    Hi, when I try to update my IOS (53,55,56) with the Wad Manager for Goldeneye007 Wii, I always get a "ERROR -1". Do I also have to update the system menu? Or is my Wad messed up? I use NUS Downloader for my IOS (yes, i updated the database)
    Do I need the new version of Wad Manager? I tried downloading Wad Manager 1.7 but when I open HBC i can't see it or open it.

    I also get a black screen when trying to start Goldeneye007 for Wii.

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    I suppose your wad manager could be the issue. Your files need to be in a folder, and the .dol needs to be titled boot.dol for HBC to read it. You could also try Multi-Mod Manager to install it.

    EDIT: I searched for the error, and apparently I forgot what it meant. Format your SD card and put the files back on it.
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    Messie made a great guide with (almost?) every error type, along with their solutions. I suggest you bookmark it, because it is great for looking up error codes quickly.
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