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Thread: cIOS rev 7 does not install

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    cIOS rev 7 does not install

    When I try to install cIOS rev 7, I get "installer returned -1"
    in the loader it says I Have IOS249 but in HBC it says IOS3-something
    is there any way to completely uninstall all the cIOS' and reinstall?
    the loader gives me DVD error 324
    anyone have any ideas?

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    reinstall any ios you installed to uninstall, then try

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    reinstall any ios you installed to uninstall, then try
    Still nothing, when I try to install cIOS Rev 7 I get install returned -1
    more info
    WiiFW: 3.2 US
    IOS(according to HBC) 36
    IOS(according to BL) 249
    and the game im trying to play in animal crossing city folk

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    for starters youre wrong xD search befor posting please

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    Im still getting Disk Read Error 324 after install those IOS
    Im using Sony brand DVD-R

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    are you sure your chip can play it, i mean are you using a scrub, or do you have 3.3 and didnt patch the fake sign ios?

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    The one I downloaded from the green demons says its scrubbed, and Im using FW 3.2, so I still need to do that fake sign thing?

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    nope, can your chip read Scrubbed games? try updating the chips firmware

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    I dont have a modchip, I thought the loader was able to run it on unmodified wiis

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    OH then this is simple

    the loader is crap, its very new and works poorly, a lot of games dont work or work well in addition most active people here dont use the backup loader, thats why you dont use something 1 month old, i also heard any of the newer games cant run on it as of yet there are many more reasons why you shouldnt but the anwser is your loader sucks

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