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Thread: What's the Best Version for Softmod?

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    Question What's the Best Version for Softmod?

    Hi, I'm new here... I just bought a Wii on eBay, and I'm thinking about softmodding it. I've spent a while reading stuff here, but I want to be sure I get it all right before I try anything.

    My question, as it is in the title, is what the best version for softmodding is. I currently have version 3.3, so I have a lot to work with right now. Mario Galaxy 2 and New SMB are the newest games I have on hand right now, so I wondered how that would factor in. I also plan on buying some newer games soon (definitely Donkey Kong Country Returns and likely Punch-Out!!). My main reason for modding is emulation, if that helps with answering the question any.


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    This guide right here.

    You can follow the guide as is and it will update you to 4.1 in the process. Or you can update to 4.1 via your original NSMBW disc (assuming it is from your region) then follow the guide.

    It's up to you, either way will work. Also, stop by and make an introduction if you haven't had a chance yet (in the introduction section).
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