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Thread: super mario brothers wii problem

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    Wink super mario brothers wii problem


    i have a bit of a problem with super mario brothers

    i have a backup disks of my original game and it runs fine

    but if i put a wbfs file on a hard drive for the wii it runs for about say 20mins
    then i get a black screen saying an error has acurd remove disk and switch of wii

    does anyone have a way i can get around it ?


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    We have a guide for this game, did you bother searching?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightstah View Post
    did you bother searching?
    Does anyone?
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    had a look of one found somthing about it but dosnt work with my game say the iso is invalied when i use the scrubber

    thats why i am asking

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    If you're using a loader then you don't need to mess with the scrubber if you're disc loading. If you have another problem post in the game's guide.


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