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    does wiisx need .ape files or just .bin, and if i get an .img file do i just change the extension to .bin????

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    The image needs to be either iso, img, or bin/cue. From my experience the cue isn't needed. I think with ape files you need to find a program. You should be able to find the converter in some of the same places you got the images.

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    yeah i can get the bin, cue ang img files but some games have a couple of .ape files, some have no .ape files , and some have lots of them lol, so as long as i get a bin or img file the rest gets deleted?

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    As long as the images seem appropriately sized I would think they work.
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    cheers mate

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    img file works for me, isn't ape a music file like a mp3?

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    i just googled it and yes your right lol hey stomp i dont suppose you have a forwarder that works for wiisx do you ive tried all the ones i can find and tried making some but they all fail

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