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    Online Play

    hey, ive recently brought goldeneye and would like to play online. I have soft modded my wii, think im currently on 4.2 update. basically what will happen if I play online? will it update to 4.3? will it brick my wii? Will nintendo hunt me down? or will i have no problems what so ever. cheers

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    Don't accept the online update and don't cheat. Avoid those and you'll be fine

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    You should have priiloader installed and set to block online and disc updates. If you don't, get it! No cheating either, N will ban you if you do.

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    Thats great cheer

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    just been trying to but priiloader but was having problems, really desperate to play goldeneye but then remembered i could skip updates using neogamma

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    Skip updates via Neo Gamma --- what?! If you mean disc-based updates, that's courtesy of Priiloader.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightstah View Post
    Skip updates via Neo Gamma --- what?! If you mean disc-based updates, that's courtesy of Priiloader.
    Can't you use Rebooter to skip updates? I have never used NeoGamma without Priiloader, so it is just a guess. The only time I even use it is for GC games, because the originals are scratched/lost. My brother lost the majority of mine.
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    IDK; I'm aware of the feature, just not the "nuts and bolts" in terms of how or what it accomplishes, lol. I figured perhaps the previous poster had... misattributed things.

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    If the game is loaded with neogamma it won't ask to update.
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