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Thread: Placing Homebrew Games on the Main wii page

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    Placing Homebrew Games on the Main wii page

    I finally modded my wii 4.3U (thanks to this site) and it is working flawlessly.

    I installed the NES emulator it it created a new channel for the wii front page. This is awesome. However, the other emulators I installed (SNES, N64, etc) did not get a channel. I have to go to Homebrew and run them from there.

    How do I give them their own channel?

    Also, I have wbfs games that I have to launch from the USB Loader. Is there a way to give them a channel too?

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    I have a forwarder for nes and snes in my guide in the emulator section and dogeggs or someone gas a guide on making custom channels I think.

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    Make sure you know that the channels are good wads before you install them, unless you have bootmii/boot2. If its recommended by a mod on this site you are probably ok, otherwise proceed with great caution! I got bricked by a bad netflix wad a while back, boot2 saved my arse.

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    I have bootmii, but I still do not see instructions for making a specific program and channel on the wii

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    You can make them yourself with CustomizeMii...

    Or find one here or here. Probablly other places as well.
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