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Thread: my original Rock Band 2 disc wont work anymore!!

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    my original Rock Band 2 disc wont work anymore!!

    I was about to play Rock Band 2 for a bit, just to get refreshed for Rock band 3. Well I put the disk in and it goes to the start screen. When I hit start the screen goes black and my system goes back to the Wii menu. I am loading the original game through the disk channel. Same thing happens when I try and load through a back up loader like NeoGamma, USBloader GX. Now I can get the game to load from HDD but I still have issues with the controllers not working. I am lost been trying to get it to work for a couple of days. I even went the route as to remod my Wii with no luck.

    BootMii on Boot 2
    IOS 37 Patched,
    IOS 38 Patched
    Herms IOS222, 223.


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    I had a similar problem a while back - how old is your wii?
    with me it was a dual layer disc problem - got a wii laser lense cleaner - and hey presto - works everytime now


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