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Thread: WiiClip stopped do I solder the chip onto the drive?

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    WiiClip stopped do I solder the chip onto the drive?

    Well I got the Wiikey2 + WiiClip V14 and I installed it and everything was working fine. Then I tried to put the Wii back together, and it stopped working. When I lay the system flat with the drive open, it works fine, but when I tilt it up on its side or flip it over, it gives me the red light or none at all.

    I'm using the sticker for the back and the piece of paper to prevent shorting circuit. No luck whatsoever, and I even tried to bend the pins out a little bit so the connection would be more secure. Still didn't work.

    Anyways, I'm just gonna take the chip off and try to solder it in. I bought a 15-watt soldering iron and as far as the wires I don't know what to use or does it matter? Also some pictures or a diagram of a successful install would help. Thanks.

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    googled "wiikey 2"
    got this Resources :: Wiikey

    wires its not a huge deal, but look around for whats recomended

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    I had the exact same problem but with a V14 clip and it turned out to be a bad solder joint. I figured out with the drive upside down and lifted the chip end up slightly it worked. I resoldered the joints and it worked perfectly. Not sure if this is going to work for you but might be worth a try!


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