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Thread: Help with making a title for this thread

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    Help with making a title for this thread

    I'm having trouble loading games from my external harddrive in neogamma. What happened was I wanted to use the mic for Def Jam rapstar so i had to install cIOSxr20b. For some reason after installing my wii no longer reads the harddrive. Usually when I hook up the harddrive and try to mount it in neogamma I can feel the harddrive running. Now it doesn't run. When I hook it up to the computer it runs fine. I then decided to try upgrading my wii to the latest firmware and adding all the new IOS's. Was I suppose to refresh my wii with my NAND backup? I just updated everything by remodding on top of my old mod. Was this incorrect? I really want to just get my harddrive up and running again. Also, it seems that my priiloader doesn't work anymore..........

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    so to fix your problem you updated to 4.3 firmwareversion?
    and already re-softmodded it?
    if not you are now missing essential stuff..even though your hbc is maybe still there.

    i would use the softmod any wii guide (linked below) to get you up and running/up to date + perfect cIOS setup nothing to worry about afterwards.
    good luck

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    Actually no I was at 4.1 and upgraded to 4.2. I followed that guide but still no luck. Would it just be better to load up my nand backup and start all over?


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