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Thread: USB Loader GX HELP!

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    USB Loader GX HELP!

    I have 4.2 U on my wii, softmodded and I had ios 249 and 222 so I could play my games and everything fine.

    Then I got Netflix, and my dad installed an update for it. When I next booted USB Loader, it said I needed to reload ios 249 and 222, and to come back when "you get some cios action going on" or something like that.

    No error number that I could see.

    I just want to know what the easiest way to reinstall these cios files. I tried with WAD manager, and for whatever reason it froze and didnt install, I used a wii and a gamecube controller to try. Please help!

    Lastly, I searched the forums and came up clean, so if I missed a post with an answer, link it, I would be very grateful

    Thanks in advance

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    use ios 250...with cios installer

    or ios250 with wad manager and cios wads linked in my sig


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