Developer- Geecko
Latest Version- Beta 2

PSP coder Geecko is back in the homebrew scene to release his latest project, gLib2D, a lightweight 2D graphics library for the PSP. Some of its features include basic objects display, JPEG and PNG support, alpha blending and texture cropping, third coordinate support and intraFont compatibility, among others.
There was once a library "graphics" pretty basic, but whose source code was readily understandable. The user's changed little by little to meet their needs, but he soon realized that the library had some big flaws. He corrected the extent possible, and added new features. Then, through patience and tinkering, he learned to use the pspgu. It was very powerful, but complex to master, and he spent much time rewriting the code and adapt it to have satisfactory performance, so he lost a lot of time stumbling over small technicalities. Realizing that the library "graphics" deserved to be taken to zero, the user decided to create a new library, deliberately limited, to be fast and lightweight, it combined the advantages of the two libraries, namely: simplicity , performance, opportunities.

Thus was born gLib2D.

* Display of basic objects, namely rectangles.
* Possibility of texturing, JPEG and PNG support
* Scale (scale), rotation, coloring, alpha blending, displaying a part of the texture (crop)
* Ability to combine these effects at the same time
* Support for a third coordinate, Z, to use the depth buffer
* Concept of relativity, and how to transform 2D OpenGL (Pop / Push)
* Using Intelligent pspgu: library use only what is necessary for the display.
* Compatibility with intraFont (not included)
* Definition of many constants, and macros useful.

Source- QJ