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Thread: how to properly get help =o

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    how to properly get help =o

    this topic seems to be more needed than expected, but thanks to enough people im gonna make this and with hopes that requests get a bit easier to understand/do

    i want help, and ive read, or got sent here, what is this about?
    • you failed to comply with basic level of caring, and need to try to make this better for everyone!

    basic level you say? why is that... aren't you being rude!
    • maybe maybe not, but this is to make everyone happy!

    how to make a proper request
    • search a moment before requesting, if you dont and trust me we can tell, you shouldnt expect a nice loving anwser since you feel that you deserve special treatment!
    • because these programs, are all about what you do, not what we say, if someone anwsers your question, you can do the basic thing.. of searching for said item, its not like its hidden simple things like "ios 51 and shop channel" in google will take you right to the download, and probably a tut, there's at least 1 post here with it too!
    • give as much info as you can, this is like a car, we need to look at everything before we can really help you, sometimes something like firmware #, is a important factor, so please try to give us all the info you can!
    • post in the right forum, if you dont find the answer youre looking for, odds are youre in the wrong forum, looking for codes and how tos in the wii burning forum, and not going to the wii hacks forum, is like walking across the freeway, blindfolded, just plain stupid.
    • have some dignity when you post, theres nothing wrong with being new, and not knowing better but saying "i accidently updated" or "im a uber noob, help me please, and make it as simple as you can" are not acceptable excuses, please make it easy on both of us and say "i didnt know 3.4 was 'bad' can you help me?" or "i am new to this, and I have read but not sure of... would you mind explaining __ to me?" and we will be more than glad to help.
    • please word things simply, dont make it confusing or trivial where all that is logical is face palming, you're a person, and we are too, the easier for us, the easier for you!

    if you follow all of the above you get a few perks
    • nice peaceful reply
    • less help in the future
    • the more you do, the less you need, do you really want to have to ask us everytime you do anything?

    i hope you enjoyed this very unneeded faq, but i think it should help some!

    HB is always an ever changing gotta keep up and read or you will be lost!!
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    an example of how one may receive help, but fail to see:

    -Wii Menu 4.2U / DARKCORP v1.1 / BootMii as boot2 / Preloader v0.30-
    -USB HDD / Wiiflow 2.0 / Triiforce / VC Image-Pack / cIOS Wads-
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    Lmao, customized fail pics for the site. we should add them to the fail thread in the lounge. I will try and see if I can find it when I get time.
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    A most-excellent idea... I'll leave it to you.


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