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Thread: Formatted Wii by accident

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    Formatted Wii by accident

    About a year ago, I followed the guide on here to softmod any wii 3.2-4.1 and successfully modded my console. I ended up not playing the wii for a long time and I had a few cousins over who wanted to play and somehow they ended up formatting my console (dont ask me how..I have no idea)..Well I turned on the Wii and preloader came up and I just hit system menu and it loaded the menu. I ended up changing the auto boot in preloader to system menu, so it would not come up everytime. Now I am thinking about selling my Wii and need to know how to get rid of preloader and hopefully virginize my Wii as much as possible. I don't know much about this stuff so I will post some info to maybe help with my problem.

    my console version is v4.1U
    Preloader v0.29
    IOS v60
    Systemmenu v449

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    As long as everything is functioning correctly, I would actually advertise it as a modded wii. People who want a modded wii but are too scared to do it themselves will jump at the chance to buy one already modded. You can probably get away with asking for a little more since it's modded.
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    If you really want to unsoftmod your wii take a look here > how-remove-softmods-make-your-wii-virgin.html
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