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Thread: newbie just fitted wasabi dx

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    newbie just fitted wasabi dx

    i have just bought and fitted a wasibi dx to my wii. but need some help on what to do next. i fitted it and then tested the wii and it works fine on all original games but will not play a back up.
    can anyone help as i am a complete newbie and there was no instructions supplied for the wasibi dx. help please.

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    I too have the Wasabi DX and it will play some backups, but not all? My other wii wiikey 1.9g will play all of them so I know they are good. Is the Wasabi tempermental or just the newer drive?

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    i have discovered i was using the wrong discs so now have verbatim dvd-r`s and back ups work. but not all, my wii is a pal but ti will not play us games withthe chip installed. how can i make it play these?

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    What version? Up to System Menu 4.1 supports out of region gaming. If your Wii is @ 4.2 or 4.3, see this guide (yes, this is for hardmod users).


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