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Thread: Dreamcast Selfboot CD games. Can anyone help?

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    Dreamcast Selfboot CD games. Can anyone help?

    My dreamcast had the number 1 next to the NTSC logo.

    It was made January 2000.

    For some reason, certain games work first burn, while other wont work even if I burn them 10 times. It simply will not play all of the games. There is not one particular image type that works, it seems one cdi game works, while another cdi one does not for example..

    I'm using imgburn and alcohol 120%. It won't let me burn slower than 16x, btw.

    I'm not sure why this is happening.

    any advice?

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    You should burn slower and on good media. Taiyo yuden are about the best you can buy for dvdr. Verbatium for dual layer and were pretty awesome for cdr back In the day.

    Most media is crap, you do need to seek out good media. Also some drives write better than others. I have 4 different DVD writers as each write different media better.

    Cdfreaks is a good site for that type of thing.

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    I cannot burn at a lower speed then 16x. I'm not sure if it is my media or drive that sets this restriction. Not sure what to do.

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    u cud look for custom firmware for your dvd burner m8 mine is pioneer mine lets me burn at most speeds but dvd r - or + wont burn less than 6x and there isnt any custom firmware for mine yet so dont be too upset if there is none m8


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