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Thread: Tried Modding Wii a while ago, forgotten what i did. How do i return to normal state?

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    Question Tried Modding Wii a while ago, forgotten what i did. How do i return to normal state?


    Im new to this forum and also to Wii modding.

    I tried to mod my partners Wii when i first got it her for christmas. I remember that i had the homebrew channel installed and installed a few WADs but i cannot remember exactly what i had done. I remember trying to undo everything that i had done as i couldnt get it to work and now do not have the homebrew channel as i think i just deleted it.

    Now i have come back to it, determined to finish it, I downloaded homebrew files etc and inserted the SD card in the Wii but as i try to access the card the music stops and the system crashes. After a long time of plaing around with the files and format of the SD card i realised that when i remove the 'private' folder from the sd card the system no longer crashes, however, it the card appears to be blank (im guessing that the private folder contains the file that boots the process).

    Im guessing that the files i have previously installed are preventing me from starting from scratch, the problem is i no longer have homebrew to 'virginise' my wii and am unable to install it. Is there any other way of getting my wii back to its original state so that i can give it another go?

    Thanks in advance for any replies

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    what system menu do you have?? and what sd card are you using???

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    Which firmware is installed on your Wii? Most likely, you've downloaded a version of Bannerbomb which doesn't work with your current firmware.
    To find out your firmware version, go to Wii Settings and look at the upper-right corner.

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    Thank you both for your fast replies!

    I have a RVL-001EUR Wii with 4.2E firmware. I have dloaded a "hack pack" that supposed to be for 4.2E. The SD card i am using is a 1GB Kingston, the same one i used to install the homebrew channel last time, i managed to get quite far into the mod but remember it getting a bit tricky as i made the mistake of using more than one guide which just confised things!

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    Follow maufrog's Softmod ANY Wii guide found in the Recommended Guides board to get everything up and running again.

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    Thanks BandicootAddict, i will give that a go, watch this space i will let you know how i get on

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    Hi, thanks for your help BandicootAddict, i have now managed to hack my Wii

    Only problem im having now is with loading games from USB via "Configurable USB Loader". I finally found a way to format the drive with FAT32 file system after finding a way around the Windows 32GB limitations but now when trying to put "Mario Party" on the drive it says that the file is too large for the destination file system. The file is 4.3GB and after doing some research have found out that another Windows limitation doesnt allow me to put any files larger than 4GB onto a FAT32 partition. Anyone know of a way around this? perhaps i must find a way to rip some extras from the ISO image to bring the dile size down a little?

    Thanks again for your help, this forum has been brilliant and will continue to use

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    yep mate use this guide to set up your usb hdd and you will be golden mate

    ^^^^^^^^pimpness from the mighty bmarlo ^^^^^^^^

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    Thanks robgee789, super fast reply :P

    I will give that a go, thanks again

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    Thanks for all your help guys!

    Only issue i have now is converting an ISO image i have downloaded (completely legal, not copywritten) to a .wbfs file, Configurable USB loader doesnt seem to want to load it once i have converted to wbfs format. However, when i make a backup of a game from the wii it works perfectly from HDD so im thinking that the ISO might be bad or i am converting it wrong.

    I am using Wii Game Manager to convert the ISO...
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