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Thread: Wanting to buy Case Mod and wii mod

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    Wanting to buy Case Mod and wii mod

    Hey im looking for a mod (from the uk btw) which turns the inside of the wii into blue with LED's but also a case mod. i want it JUST White (as i wanna stay in a theme) with maybe the Wii Cut out of the side or even a circle piece of clear plastic as like a peephole. ive found the inside mod for the lights (chamealion 2 i believe its calleD) but i cant find any decent case mods. if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much helped. Cheers in advanced

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    I'm a bit confused. Do you want a replacement case or do you want to mod the case yourself?
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    Lighting inside like this and maybe the case mod

    or maybe a view hole like this?

    thats the sort of thing i want but i dont peticularly wanna attack my wii with a dremal
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