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Thread: Format hacked wii?

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    Question Format hacked wii?

    Hi i've recently installed the HBC and used wad manager to uninstall something, reinstall something about ios249(not sure about the code). Anyway i can play back up games thanks to neogamma and things. I've read if you uninstall certain ios' you could potentially brick your wii.
    Im asking if doing a system format will brick my wii or will i be fine. Thankyou.

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    first we ask all new members to post in the intro section and you will get a reply with lots of info and links,
    and why do you want to format your wii do you mean remove all mods???

    ^^^^^^^^pimpness from the mighty bmarlo ^^^^^^^^

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    Sorry about that :/ and yes i have just wiped it because im making it ready for a trade in so thanks anyway.

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    ok use this if your wii is 4.2
    or this if its 3.2-4.1

    ^^^^^^^^pimpness from the mighty bmarlo ^^^^^^^^

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