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Thread: newb - just installed beta8 (upgraded to beta9) - NOW WHAT?

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    newb - just installed beta8 (upgraded to beta9) - NOW WHAT?

    OK, I'm as newb as newb gets. Recently bought my modded wii and just set it up yesterday. Found it was semi-bricked (no settings menu), didn't know which model (jap,usa,pal) I had, didn't know the modchip, and didn't know how to burn new games. Got past all that yesterday - basically fixed the settings menu, confirmed I have ntsc usa, confirmed I have wiikey, upgraded to 1.9g, learned to use brickblocker on iso to remove update requests. All was perfect except now I want Homebrew (but I don't know why cause I've never seen a wii with it and don't even know what it really is - but everyone says it is awesome, so I want it).

    So I installed the beta8 via iso (since my wii is 3.2U and I have amodchip). Worked fine. When loaded, it asked to me upgrade to beta9 - I did since newer is better (right?). Should I have stayed with beta8? If so, how do I downgrade back (I still have the beta8 iso loaded on dvdr)?

    So when I load Homebrew, I have a bunch of bubbles. I can see why everyone wants this. No really, I just have bubbles coming up.

    I believe I need "programs" on sd card - if card is in wii, I think Homebrew (when launched) will find all my programs and bring up on screen - IS THIS RIGHT? If so, I believe the program needs three files (an elf or dol for beta8, a png and a xml. I however found a bunch of wad files. Are the wad files basically compressed files that contain these three files? Can I load the wad onto the sd and will Homebrew then recognize it? I believe I need a dir on the sd called "apps" and then load all my stuff in that dir or subdirs. Can I just have my numerouls wad files in the apps dir or do I need to create a separate subdir for each wad/game/program?

    Lastly, I've seen wii images on internet where the wii main menu (when first booted) shows the channels based on Homebrew programs. How do I do that versus having to always load the Homebrew channel.


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    all programs need EXACTLY 1, =\ and beta 8 is a little different than 9 all programs MUST use a .dol not elf which was the old format

    you CAN make some programs as channels but if they are wrong or broken youre bricked, and their out of date, so i dont recomend, also its a waste of space

    to put a program on
    root with "apps" then you put the folder in there, and then you rename the .dol as boot, if it isnt allready

    wad's are like exe for windows, just so you know *overly simplfied* they are installed via wad manager, you can install VC, wiiware, and IOS's which are things needed to run some programs, and make smoe games work, *please search the rest!* if you want some additional, info please go here

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    Ok, got ftpii working and wad manager, and even tried to install a wad I got off torrent (some solitaire game). I have a couple of questions:

    1) when I launched the ftpii, I got a dos-like screen showing me my ip (is this what it is supposed to look like? I really do not see the advantage of this option as pulling out the sd card and working direct in my computer is faster? Or is this something the "pros" use all the time?

    2) I installed the solitaire wad which created a channel. Once installed, do I need the sd card in all the time or can the game/channel be played without? If without, then I assume the game files get copied into the inyternal memory of the wii - how much memory does it have - how many wads can the wii handle?

    3) when I clicked on the solitaire channel (that my wad manager created), it said something like "this channel can not be loaded" with a black screen background - I had to power off to get it to reboot (then all was fine). This was my first wad install - what did I do wrong?

    4) I see I can get various emulation on wii with the Homebrew, though I already have all these (with all the roms) plus many other emulators (ie. commodore, ps1, arcade/mame, etc) on my modded xbox (did I say a bad word?) with 750GB internal drive. Is there any advantage to play the nes and other emulators over wii? I guess it depends on questions#2 whether these roms and emulation wad files stay in the wii internal memory or whether they are on the sd card.

    5) what is quake?

    6) what are virtual console backups?


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    1> yes, and not really its just semi useful to have though i see no point
    2> nope its on the wiis memory, and will work reguardless
    3> its either corrupted, or you lack a IOS needed to run it
    4> yes you can run emulators, but its a tad more tiem consuming and dont work perfectly, also they are not the most amazing plan but they are less data and more games
    5> a old FPS game
    6> copies of a vitural console game IE the channels of a classic game

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    Couple more questions:

    1) to delete a wad channel, do I need to go through wad manager, or can I go through the wii menu to delete the channel?

    2) I downloaded a NES wad game (DK Jr) and set it up via wad manager. It did create the channel, but I got the same error (this cahnnel can't be opened - or something like that). When I get a nes (emulation) wad, is it adding the emulator into the channel and the game, or it isd using my nes emulaor that I also have on my sd card (in another words is the wad version of the game taking more space in the wii memory - am I better just getting the roms and launching through the HB nes emulation program?


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    Oh, I forgot to ask one last question.

    My wii is ntsc usa with wiikey 1.9g 3.2U. Can I play a PAL wad if it is region free? I assume so, but how about if it is not region free and is from Jap? What will happen if I install wad and/or attempt to play. Can it brick my wii, or is the worst that can happen is an error saying the channel can't be played?


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    Oh, can an app (on my sd card) be created as a channel (ie. nes emulator channel)?

    And how much memory does the wii have - on average how many wads can I install as channels until memory is full, or does the wii have an actual limit on the max number of channels?


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    Yes it can, but not many programs come as channels, and they are usually out of date, and kinda contradictary to using the emulator since most of the games you play will be a VC title

    you can have almost endless wads
    IOS's and CIOS's can be installed endlessly

    as for games depends on 2 factors
    which games, but you can install till your memory is full or all your slots are full

    it could be 4, i mean Space invaders get even the full game is 700 blocks alone


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