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Thread: A little Help Please, Configurable USB Loader

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    Question A little Help Please, Configurable USB Loader


    I have installed Configurable USB Loader on my WII system.

    It's working fine however when I try to use USBLoaderCFG_NForwarder, I can't get the forwarder to work.

    My system software version is 4.2u.

    The error is 2011.

    The Any ideas?

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    Check out our error code index.

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    I was able to get it working but now when selected the screen goes black and ideas?

    However it works fine in homebrew.

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    If you're clicking a forwarder on the system menu, the root on the sd card has to be named exactly what that forwarder is linking to. A forwarder channel is like a shortcut on a PC. If the real file isn't there, or named something different it won't work since the file it's looking for isn't there.


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