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Thread: Can't open big file error message

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    Can't open big file error message

    I have loaded a PAL game on my HDD. When I try to access it the screen goes black and says Can't open Big File. I tried setting the game to force NTSC but same happens. Thanx
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    way to much info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    That's a lot of information, dude.
    But seriously, more details, please.

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    Not sure what else to tell. When I select the game from USB Loader GX this happens. It is a PAL version. I tried changing the USB loaderGX setting to Force NTSC per site how to's. I also tried setting the game video setting to force NTSC and System Default. All other games work fine. Thanx
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    I am missing something you could easily have told us: which game...?

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    Just Dance 2 Sorry

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    What system menu? What cios? Any other games work? Which guide did you use to softmod and set up your hdd?

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    Everything else works fine. All I did was add this new PAL version of Just Dance 2 to the HDD. It is the only game that will not open properly.

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    And the other questions? Could just be a bad iso

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    Update USB loader GX and it should work fine.

    Already answered here btw:

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