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Thread: usb port broken

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    Talking usb port broken

    my son took his soft modded wii 4.1 to his friends and when he packed it back up the usb port broke, my question is can i somehow get the hdd to work from the second port?

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    Not possible. Do not know why that is, though. Replacing the mainboard will fix this issue, but you will lose all your data if you do so, so be sure to back-up everything (savegames, Virtual Console etc.). You can also try back-up loading from a disc if your Wii doesn't have the D3-2 DVD-drive.
    Another choice could be a WODE, which does work with the second port, but that is a hardmod which costs money.
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    Not really a solution but I read the wanin's cIOS Rev 10 (really old ) works with the second port. I have not confirmed this...just read it.

    If you have a new Wii, rev 10 will not likely work for you though.
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    ive read iso58 is able to use usb2 but no1 seems to able to confirm, would soldering the 2usb ports together on the motherboard work?....and sorry 2sound like a nube but what is wode?

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    I don't know if IOS58 can read the second USB port. What I do know is that IOS58 can't be used with USB loaders. No way that is possible.

    About the soldering: I do not know. Maybe someone else knows.

    Don't worry about being a noob: that's why you're here. The WODE is a solderless hardmod, in the form of a Wii-standard. You can attach the USB harddrive to the WODE-standard, and select games via an in-build LCD screen.
    It can load games through the Disc Channel, without any back-up loaders etc., and has 100% game compatibility. The WODE also supports GameCube USB loading.

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