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Thread: SD Card slot broken?

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    SD Card slot broken?

    2 of the pins from my main 4GB SDHC card snapped and got in the Wii's SD card slot, which I think stopped the hinge from working properly.

    SD card:

    I honestly don't know how this could be sorted, so I'm wondering if I have to manually open the Wii myself and take out the pins myself. What would be the solution to do here?

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    Have you already softmodded your Wii? Most stuff can be done with a USB device...

    Well, to open your Wii, follow this guide.
    I do not know what sort of SD Card reader the Wii has, though. Someone else might know.

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    Yes, my Wii has been softmodded for 2 years. Although I have a USB drive, I don't normally use it as my source for homebrew apps. But just in case, I backed up all my stuff on the 4 gig to the drive.

    Thanks for the guide, I'll look more into it.


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