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Thread: Something wrong with WiiFlow

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    Something wrong with WiiFlow

    I bought a HDD 500GB, formatted it to WBFS and put a dozen back-ups or so on it.

    I tried installing and running WiiFlow but it says it finds no games on the drive and only gives me the option to install some.

    I know that the games and drive are not the problem cause they work fine with NeoGamma. The problem lies on WiiFlow.

    I am on 4.1E softmodded using doggeggs guide.

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    1) Perhaps the drive is not set to primary and/or active. Check it in windows.
    2) If not that, try a different loader. There is a link for CFG in my signature.
    3) You can also try to set up your drive in the fat32 format instead of WBFS. Link also in signature.
    4) I know this is almost 2 days after you posted it, i was trolling for unreplied threads.
    Give credit where credit is due. If it helps you, click "thanks" on ANY guide I link.

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    Thanks for taking the time to answer... however, the problem has been solved. Call me a noob if u must but it turns out i only needed to put the hdd in the other slot and restart.

    i discovered this late last night and i lolled hard for wasting 2 days searching for an answer...

    Well, thanks again for your effort. If a mod sees this please close the thread.


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