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Thread: metroid other m error problem with disk

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    metroid other m error problem with disk

    i get the disk error and freze after training when in ship....... i have 4.2u soft moded about less than a year ago. using usb drive and gx loader. i have tried 249 and 222 ....please help still get error. do i need to do an update or something and how do i do it.

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    Have you read this thread Here?
    Did you try loading with Ios223?
    Try this to see if it helps.

    Listen to Desperado836.
    Didn't realize It was Disk .(Missed That Part.)
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    How about using search and look for this GUIDE

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    Thanks very much Desperado836 and Jax ...this site is big its nice to be pointed in the right direction i just followed updating Hermes IOS 222 and 223 and now it works fine. nice job guys.

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    Closed. Appears member has resolved the issue, but upon being given the link, should've pursued it therein. Glad you got it sorted, nonetheless.


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